Florida Keys October 3-6, 2019
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Key Largo Florida Dive Trip

And lobster season is OPEN too!!

Package :  Key Largo / Islamorada – 3 Nights & 3 Days Diving      $495.00pp/dbl*

Thursday October 3th - Sunday October 6th

  • Diving Starts Thursday morning 10/3  (add additional night and arrive Wednesday for $75pp)

    • Morning 2 tank reef dive

    • Add afternoon with dive on SPIEGEL GROVE or DUANE for $85pp (advanced divers) 

    • Note: If want to hunt lobster, will have to obtian license.

  • Friday 10/4

    • Morning 2 tank reef dive

  • Saturday 10/5

    • Wreck dive on the Eagle and reef dive

Add additional nights in condo @$75pp

or additional Boat 2 Tank Dives @$85pp

Contact Deep South Divers for more info or to sign up for these trips!

Wade@deepsouthdivers.com        Shop: (770)683-DIVE     Cell: (404)932-0

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Florida Keys October 3-6, 2019

Price: $495.00
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